Why choose Kavitha Fertility Centre ?

We believe, A Unique Centre

Kavitha Fertility Centre is, we believe, a unique Centre. We offer the very best treatments which science allows, to give you the hope of a baby. But when we welcome you as a patient, your care is our utmost priority. When you come to us for help, you will find that you’re never ‘just a patient’ to us.

Cutting Edge Technology

We strive to be the most technologically advanced and efficient fertility centre in Tamilnadu. Kavitha will be the first in the Tamilnadu to offer PGD using the Next Generation Sequencing.

Affordable Fertility Care

World-class fertility care does not have to be expensive. At Kavitha, we put your comfort and needs as our top priority. With our all-inclusive, innovative financing packages, treatment is now extremely affordable.

Effective Fertility Care

Our pregnancy rates are comparable to the top centres in the region and we ensure that you have the best chance of pregnancy with the most optimal protocol and equipment.

International Patients

Whatever your cultural background, we are ready for you! We offer full concierge services including airport transfer and accommodation and have a dedicated International Patient Consultant to help you.

All the information, without leaving the comfort of your own home

You are just a few clicks from confirming what your best options are. This information is free of charge and does not entail any obligation on your part.Our online pre-diagnosis system is based on more than 30,000 very diverse cases. This information will be confirmed by your doctor during your first visit, but provides you with qualified guidance, which is completely transparent and without surprises.You will find it helpful to compare the different centres and to make the best decision.

Excellent pregnancy rates

On our website you will find this data is kept up-to-date. Pregnancy rates have been audited by an independent body, and are constantly above the average. Do not hesitate to compare this data and ask us any questions you may have.

Until an appropriate age

Indian law allows Assisted Reproduction treatments to every woman in good health until an age regarded as suitable.
In the most highly-reputed centres, in keeping with best practice guidelines, we have set the age limit at 50 for starting Assisted Reproduction treatment.

Start whenever you want

You can start your treatment whenever you’re ready. We are organized in such a way that you aren’t put on a waiting list.

In just Few day trips

You only have to come to the clinic twice, on visits that will just take a few hours.While other centres require a stay of several days, our system allows you to easily organise your schedule, without having to justify a prolonged absence, and fully limit the total cost of your treatment.For those who live far away, you can undergo the treatment in just one visit to the clinic, although this will be slightly longer.

Would you rather come at the weekend?

For your convenience and discretion, we are available every weekend. We are the ones who adapt to your needs, not the other way around.

In my language, please

You have the right to understand all the details relating to your treatment, and of course, to express yourself in your language. At Kavitha, all your messages, visits or documents are in your language, and our team can communicate perfectly in this language.

With total confidence

It is the opinion of our patients, who have evaluated us with a score of 9.8 out of 10 over the last Five years.

With total confidence

It is the opinion of our patients, who have evaluated us with a score of 9.8 out of 10 over the last Five years.

Your personalised treatment

Because no two people are alike, your treatment is completely personalised and developed by a specialized medical team, who knows at all times what stage you are at. The medical team keeps you permanently informed of all the steps to take, and is available around the clock in the unlikely event of an emergency.

Double safety in the laboratory

For your peace of mind, our laboratories are equipped with a double checking control system: the triple monitoring by specialists is confirmed in turn by the use of microchips associated with each sample. This system provides zero-risk security.

Emotions are important

Emotions tend to be very present during the Assisted Reproduction process. We have a wealth of experience in this area.Your follow-up will be supervised at all times by a primary doctor, as well as an expert team that will be supported by a specialised psychologist. Kavitha Fertility Centre patients feel very reassured by this support, which is both professional and very human at the same time.

Multiple pregnancies

The arrival of twins is usually received as good news. From a medical standpoint, however, we cannot recommend it.The law imposes a limit of 3 embryos per transfer, a maximum number that we only resort to in very specific cases.Our aim is always to offer you the best chance of success by limiting the number of twin pregnancies.

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