What is IVF?


We’re one of the leading providers of IVF treatment in Kavitha Fertility Centre.

What is IVF?

Put simply, IVF is when your eggs are retrieved and fertilised in a laboratory with semen from your partner or a donor. The resulting embryos are then transferred into your uterus to begin growing as in a normal pregnancy.

When is IVF necessary?

IVF was developed to help women with damaged or blocked fallopian tubes by placing the embryos directly into the uterus bypassing the damaged area. It may also be appropriate treatment if the cause of infertility is unknown or for some mild cases of male factor infertility.

What is the IVF process?

There are five main stages in the IVF process –

  • Egg Production
  • Monitoring Egg Production
  • Egg Recovery
  • Fertilisation and embryo development
  • Embryo Transfer

If you’d like to know more about IVF treatments at Kavitha Fertility Centre, contact our Patient Advisors on 094439 21082.

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