Treatment with Donor Eggs

Treatment with Donor Eggs

Kavitha Fertility Centre is one of the only fertility clinics in the country to have its own egg donor programme.

We have fresh and frozen donor eggs immediately available to help you conceive, and offer a choice of funding options to make treatment with donor eggs cost effective.


Why are donor eggs needed?

There are many reasons why you may need to use donor eggs to get pregnant. Typical reasons include:

  • Medical conditions such as premature menopause or ovarian failure
  • If you’re not producing your own eggs
  • If there are abnormalities with the eggs – many women, typically those in their 40s, use donor eggs to get pregnant because the quality of their own isn’t suitable anymore due to age. We offer IVF with donor eggs for patients up to the age of 50.
  • Previous medical treatment such as chemotherapy which could have affected your fertility
  • If there’s a risk of passing on any hereditary illnesses or diseases

What happens if I need to use donor eggs to get pregnant?

Your first contact with the clinic will be with a donor programme assistant who will discuss the treatment journey with you. We have a dedicated Donation Team who are responsible for arranging the process for both donors and recipients.

What else will I need to do?

As part of your treatment you will be required to undergo counselling to ensure that you understand the implications of using donor eggs to have a child. This includes how this can affect you and your partner, any existing family, how you may explain in future years about your child’s conception and what happens if your child wishes to find out who their donor is, as allowed by law, when they turn 18. In addition, you and your partner will need to undertake pre-treatment screening.

How many donor eggs will I get?

You are guaranteed a minimum of six eggs from your chosen donor.

What if more than one embryo is created from the donated eggs?

If there are multiple good quality embryos then these can be frozen by us and stored for use if you wish to extend your family in future years.

How long will treatment take?

We have wide range of donors and  with your profile and we can start the treatment immediately.

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