Success Rates

Success Rates

At Kavitha Fertility Centre our pregnancy and live birth rates for IVF and other treatments make us one of the most successful fertility clinics in the Tamilnadu, India for all age groups and diagnosis.

We have a long-standing heritage in treating infertility and our continuous programme of investment ensures that as our patient, you benefit from the very latest proven treatment breakthroughs that science can offer, to help you have a baby.


These include EmbryoGlue, a special solution which helps your embryo to ‘stick’ to your uterus after transfer; EmbryScope time-lapse incubators for undisturbed embryo culture that give us detailed analysis of development so only the best embryos are chosen; and procedures such as Endometrial Scratching, performed just before IVF, to help embryos implant.

Over 1000 babies have been born to date thanks to the expertise of our fertility specialists and the passion of our team.

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