Innovation and Quality

Innovation and fertility treatment go hand in hand as clinics across the india strive to achieve better outcomes for patients. But at Kavitha Fertility Centre, innovation doesn’t just apply to treatments.

Our intrinsic culture, influencing and driving every area of operation, is built into the core competence of our business. It’s how we have evolved from a small, India-based clinic to become one of the most reputed names in fertility care in the Tamilnadu, India.

We have stayed at the forefront of infertility treatments through continuous reinvestment of revenue in the latest scientific innovations, technologies and systems to improve the patient experience at every stage. We do not innovate by offering experimental treatments, moreso our services must be of the benefit to our patients, and are only offered after systematic review by our leading consultant team of experts.

Our sole focus is to give all of our patients the greatest chance of a baby, whilst setting the standard for responsible and informed fertility treatment and care.
Our ideas and thought leadership are life changing for patients. Our commitment to innovation across all areas of the business has improved the way people have families through private IVF: How they enquire about it, how they start their journeys, how they progress with confidence and how they fund it.


Some of our core in-clinic innovations include:

  • Engaged MD: Tracks and collects all treatment consent forms
  • Electronic Witnessing: A track-and-trace system safeguarding all eggs, embryos and sperm
  • EmbryoGlue: Used for all embryo transfers free of charge, helps the embryo to adhere to the uterus after transfer
  • Vitrification: Fast-freezing technology that improves survival rates for frozen eggs and embryos
  • Pre-Implantation Genetic Screening: Advanced embryo selection where all chromosomes in the developing embryo are tested
  • Endometrial Receptivity Array Test (ERA): Genetic test to provide a personalised embryo transfer
  • SpermComet: Analyses levels of DNA damage in each individual sperm
  • Skype consultations: For maximum patient convenience
  • Custom-designed smartphone App to further support patients on their individual journeys to pregnancy.

We were the first clinic in the country to offer ‘shared-risk’ IVF plans through a strategic partnership with provider Access Fertility where patients are guaranteed a refund if treatment doesn’t result a live birth, in addition to heavily discounted treatment and multiple cycles to increase the chances of success.


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