If you’re looking for ICSI treatment in Tamilnadu, India then Kavitha Fertility Centre can help. ICSI, or Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection, is just one of the many treatments we offer to infertile couples. So how does it help, and why do we use it?

What is ICSI?

ICSI is a refinement of the traditional IVF procedure. Eggs and sperm are collected in exactly the same way as in IVF, but instead of the sperm being mixed with the egg, one single sperm of the best quality is selected, and this is then injected directly into the egg to achieve fertilisation. The procedure then follows usual IVF, with the resulting embryo transferred to your uterus to continue growing as in normal pregnancy.


Why would it need to be used?

ICSI is used when the fertility problem is a result of sperm disorders. These can include a low sperm count, poor quality sperm or poor sperm motility or the presence of antisperm antibodies. It gives hope to people who have a sperm problem, but who want to use their own sperm to conceive a child. ICSI is recommended for patients who have previously had failed fertilisation with IVF or a very poor number fertilised. It is also necessary for surgically-retrieved sperm.

Is ICSI widely used as a fertility treatment?

ICSI is offered by many infertility clinics. At Kavitha Fertility Centre, ICSI is only used where the cause of the infertility has been identified as lying with the male partner and when conventional IVF has failed. There is no reason to use ICSI where the male partner does not have any sperm disorders or where the cause is with the female partner. In these instances, traditional IVF should always be the first option.

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