How to Increase IVF Success Rates?

How to Increase IVF Success Rates?

1. Avoid excessive physical activities such as jogging or lifting heavy things. You can practice yoga to relief your mind as well as improving your body blood circulation. Make sure you get enough rest.

2. Do not take medications or drugs without consulting your doctor because it may harm the implantation process and development of your embryo during the first 3 months of your pregnancy. Avoid herbal or traditional chinese medication.

3. Remember to take your progesterone medication daily and on time. This medication is insertion vaginally or by injection. Progesterone is essential for early implantation of your embryo.

4. Stop alcohol intake and smoking during your IVF cycle and throughout the pregnancy because both of these contain substances that may increase risk of failed implantation, miscarriage or abnormal baby.

5. Drink plenty of water to improve hydration, blood circulation and maintain cells integrity.

6. If your work involves a lot of traveling, stress and severe physical activities, you are advised to take one week leave after the embryo transfer.

7. Store the vaginal pessary in a cool place (below 20°C) to prevent deterioration of its efficacy.

8. Avoid intercourse for at least 3 weeks after the embryo transfer because semen contains prostaglandin which causes the uterus to contract and disturb implantation of the embryo.

9. Choose the centre that is near to your home, so that can reduce the stress of repeated travelling from your home to the IVF centre as it will affect the success rates.

10. Seek infertility treatment early because increasing age will result in poor quality eggs and ivf success rates.


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